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Fall. by JadeGreenbrooke

Hi! I am DJAnime101 and I am here to critique your work!

Vision- i gave you a five on the vision because i grade vision for what i like to call the three C's; clarity, conception, and classics
i think the clarity is very good because i can clearly see the details in the leaves and the mask and the word/pages of the book. For conception, I think is well put together because I can understand what you are trying to put across in the picture just by view the picture itself, I don't have to read the title to understand it. Im not sure if you meant for the leaves in the background to be blurred or not so i will refrain from critiquing that.

Originality: You get a 4.5 for that. I don't really know whether you used your own picture program or what so i can't really focus too much on this subject. ^^'

Technique: Five stars for this!!!! Wonderful job! I really like how you put the items together and the placement/angle of the picture! ^^ Things could not be in a better place in this picture.

Impact: The impact is deserving of a 4.5 because while the first thing I see is The mask, I think the leaves in the background didn't have to be blurred. But that is just my opinion. Everyone has different opinions. :) But overall, this is great. keep on, fellow deviant! ~DJAnime101
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